Q. How long does it take to get a new website up and running?

A. This does depend on many factors; the size of your website, how much preparation you have already done, if you already have a logo,  our current workload etc. As an example, the average 2-4 page website takes about 2 weeks. This takes into consideration, you to collecting/compiling your information, our design phase, the proofing process, making any edits you need and testing the website. As part of our Client Contract, you have a 2 month maximum to provide all of your content and feedback for us to launch your website. After 60 days, the full balance of your website project it owing OR you can opt to forfeit your deposit/s and cancel your website project.


Q. What should I use – a .com.au or a .com?

A. If you are an Australian owned business, we recommend using a .com.au website address (or Domain name). The .au at the end indicates that the owner has an ABN (Australian Business Number) and therefore is, more than likely, legally trading in Australia. Registering the .com version of this domain name is also a great idea. It protects it from other companies from registering it. We can also ‘point’ it to link to your main .com.au domain name.


Q. Do I need hosting?

A. If you want a website or business emails, then YES! Email hosting will allow you to just have email/s (e.g. name@yourdomainname.com.au) with no website. Full hosting will allow you to have your email address/s PLUS your website. Everyone website needs both a Domain name (website address) and hosting. Hosting is simply explained as the storage-fee for your website files. Both a domain name and hosting go hand in hand.


Q. How long until my website is popping up in Google?

A. In general, most websites are indexed (popping up) in Google in 4-8 weeks. There are many factors that influence this and the page your site will eventually appear on. Some websites have a lot of online competition, therefore require more work to achieve a ‘first-page’ result.


Q. What payment types do you accept?

A. We accept Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit, Pay-pal, Credit Card (3% surcharge may apply).


Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. Yes. For most website projects, we require a 50% deposit. For all new websites, we also require you to sign our Client Contract. No work will be carried out until we have received both, your deposit and signed Contract.


Q. What do we need to provide you with?

A. Click here to download our Client Checklist. This is a basic list of what we require to build your website.


Q. Can I have an online form that emails me directly?

A. Yes. We include an online contact form as part of any of our website package deals. If someone is on your website at 11pm at night, they are unlikely to call you. An online form invites them to send you their information, ready for you to respond the following business day. You can ask as many or as few questions as you want. Online forms can also be used as an online survey, registration form, booking request or questionnaire.