Business Branding

When a customer comes to us with nothing more than a business name or a miss-matched collection of business cards, flyers and website, it is then up to us to create a brand that communicates with their customers.

“your personal values + your business culture
+ your target audiences = your new brand”

  • logo5_rs_tn
  • yoga-with-trudy-logo-8-fw_rs_rs_tn
  • new-gecko-logo_rs_tn
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  • logo_cmyk_rs_tn
  • logo-yogi-studio26_rs_tn
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  • logo-proof-2-_with-dark-pty-fw_small_rs_tn
  • fuel-your-fitness-logo5_rs_rs_tn
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  • builder-rod-davis-logo-fw_rs_tn
  • bsp-logo-8-bigger-text_tn_rs_tn
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  • aaqua-ffresh-tank-pressure-cleaning-fb-profile_rs_tn
  • 2012_yellow-logo_fullwithcircle_rs_rs_tn
  • Redsell FINAL LOGO Small 01_rs
  • 1st final logo_rs
  • Caboolture Weighbridge Logo with ID Number_rs
  • Juta Bali Logo 13_rs
  • Kuhlman Bulk Haulage Banner.fw_rs
  • Lee Hodges Logo_rs
  • Logo Bribie Air Conditioning Refrigeration no ptyltd_rs
  • Logo CB Audit with Black Tick.fw_rs
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  • Logo Proof 2 _with dark pty.fw_small_rs_tn 1
  • logo proof10.fw_tn_rs_tn 1
  • Logo Yogi Studio26_rs_tn 1
  • logo_300dpi.fw_rs
  • logo_cmyk_rs_tn 1
  • SiltmanFences stacked_rs
  • new gecko logo_rs_tn 1
  • Sunshine Pest Management Logo_rs
  • PBPG Logo Design FINAL_rs
  • PRM Logo 10_rs

More than just a logo

Sure, we all need a logo but a brand is SOOOO much more than a symbol you stick onto your business cards.

It is the combination of colours, fonts, layout, images and wording that goes with your logo — all of these elements come together and equal a brand.

We help you avoid the costly mistakes associated with trading with too many different “looks” by getting your branding right the first time.

We can help you liaise with suppliers for printing, signage, stationary and advertising to ensure your brand is used consistently to increase brand recognition and therefore inquiries.


We don’t just help new business >> we can help your existing business to clean up your branding.