Web Hosting

Website Hosting Can Be Confusing. There Are Often Too Many Choices And It’s Difficult To Determine What Is Going To Be The Best Option For Your Website.

With Web-Sta, This Part Is Easy. Web-Sta Goes Through The Set-Up Process On Your Behalf AND Our Specially Designed Virtual Private Server (VPS) Is Optimised To Work With The Types Of Websites We Create.


Web Hosting That Suits Your Needs & Budget


Standard Website Hosting

from $245 per year (including GST)

Not ALL Website Hosting Is Created Equal. Our Hosting Is Easily Increased To Cater For Any Future Peak-Traffic And Special Requirements That Your Website May EVER Need. Our Base $245 Per Year Hosting Service Includes Up To 4 Email Accounts [Additional Email Accounts = $22 Each].


Hosting Service Transfers

Stuck With Your Existing Website Provider And Wanting To MOVE? In Most Cases, Your Website Can Be Moved Or Recreated Using Our Latest Content Management System (CMS) Software. This Will Allow You To Exit Any Expensive Web Hosting Contracts That You May Have Unwillingly Entered Into Or Unexpected Price Increases.

Email Only Hosting

$180 per year (including GST)

Not Ready For A FULL Website But Still Need A Professional Business Email? Stick Of Looking Like An Amateur With A Hotmail Or Gmail Account? You Can Also Opt for Just Email Only Hosting. Have Up To 4 Email Accounts So That You Can Start Your Business. Additional Email Accounts Are $22 Each With No Increase To the Actual Renewal Cost Of Your Email Only Hosting. It Is Also Easily Upgraded To Our Standard Full Website Hosting When You Are Ready For A Full Website.

Domain Name Transfers & Registrations

We Also Offer Domain Name Transfers From Your Existing Supplier Over To Our Suppliers — AND — In Many Cases, For FREE. Many Of Our Existing Customers Are Now Actually Saving Money On Their Domain Name Renewals By Switching To Us. Click Here To View Our Domain Name Renewal Prices.