SEO stands for

“Search Engine Optimisation”

SEO Services by Web-Sta_rs

When A Web Site That
Just Looks Good
Is Not Enough

Google is always changing. It is Google’s job to deliver the most accurate and relevant search results to those using its search engine, therefore, it is our job to keep up with Google. SEO is merely the ‘art’ of making your site as accurate/relevant as necessary to increases its chances for ranking. Ideally, everyone with a website wants to rank number one on page one however, not everyone can ‘be number 1″ at once. Gone are the days, that you could just get a website built, launch it then expect it to rank. Businesses in competitive industries especially need to be prepared to invest the time, money and research into earning that page one rank. This is where Web-Sta come in…

Your SEO Solution

At Web-Sta, we take care of the research, the development, the updates, the analysis and the time for you. With the increase in businesses going online and the continual changes Google implements, it is important to get your site to rank and to keep it ranking. Through training, research and ongoing practice, our job is to keep up with all of this for you.

Our Online Marketing Package includes:

  • Keyword/Search Phrase Research to determine most commonly searched phrases
  • Competitor Analysis to determine who we are up against
  • Monthly reporting of your site’s rank in searches
  • Editing to any required physical page wording and headings
  • Page by page background coding as required (these are called Meta Tags)
  • Editing of Image Alternative Text Tags (the code found behind images)
  • Creating of links away from your website, where relevant (Google likes some links leaving your site)
  • Creation and ongoing update of listings in free Online Business Directories to link back to your site (includes generic business directories and industry specific directories because Google likes links coming in to your site too)
  • Creation of links within your site to other areas of your website
  • The planning and creation of new “landing pages” created specifically for certain search phrases that are ordinarily difficult-to-rank-for. These pages are not seen in the menu but can rank really well in Google searches helping increase traffic to your site

Online Marketing is an investment

For most websites, it takes 3 to 6 months to establish a really great rank in Google. Depending on how competitive your industry is will determine how much work is required to get your site to rank and to keep it ranking. With this approach, we focus on your site’s natural ranking. Unlike Google’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google Adwords), even if you stop paying for your online marketing with us, your site doesn’t automatically disappear from the search results. In most cases, it will hold its position until Google implements another update or your competition starts to do some work on their Online Marketing.

Learn SEO Yourself

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